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Put in the WORK

Some Dads dream of the results whilst others wake up daily to turn them into a reality. 
You see we can provide all the nutrition plans, training plans, motivation, support and guidance but being an online platform guess who has to action these areas. YOU. 
YOU have to actually get out of bed and make to the gym. 
YOU actually have to prepare and eat those meals. 
YOU have to make the time to look after yourself. 
Your results are only as good as the effort YOU put into making them happen. 
So how do you ensure you are going to stay on the right path and not give up?
Prior planning. 
A strong purpose and why you want it. 
A supportive network at home. 
And a couscous to not want to let your children down “again in most case” and set that example so strong that you can never even think of falling to bad habits again. 
Start taking some responsibility for your actions. Stop blaming the cold, the flu, the wife, the job, the finances and every other excuse you have been rotating for the last few years. 
It’s on YOU and no one else. 
If you want it bad enough, YOU will make it happen. 
If not? Then just keep doing what you have for the last 5 years and will continue to do for the next 5 until you get 10 years down the track and realize the disappointment and regret you have in yourself. 
Happy Wednesday legends. 
crush the day! 
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