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Real Talk for Dads

Going to shoot from the hip with this one and give some real talk. Some facts of life that may be the difference in your day today and how you tackle this week.

Right now for 95% of you life is somewhat normal. You have a roof over your head. Kids are healthy. Food on the table and everyone is happy.

But as you know shit can change in an instance most of the time at no fault of your own.

The holiday your planning may never happen.

That promise you make the kids may never be able to be put into place.

Your dreams and desires you are wanting but to scared to start will be lost forever.

Life is very short and can change within an hour to the most careful people and once again at no fault of their own.

I am a big believer of playing the long game with your health and fitness because it’s more sustainable.

But with following your dreams, making memories with your kids and living a regret free life.

That needs to start today.

Because when you are gone your health and fitness matters no more.

But the life you lived, the memories that were made and the things you leave behind will be what is remembered and cherished.

Start living each day like it’s your last, kiss your kids before bed every night. Tell them you love them because we never know when our time is up and what’s plans or dreams will never happen.

Crush the day.

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