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Real Talk for Dads


There is nothing easy about becoming a Father. In fact it’s Fucking hard, it’s stressful, it brings you to tears in the early days, it’s long nights, early starts, it’s demanding, it’s new and it can be super stressful on your relationship as well.

But on the contrary.

It fills your heart like nothing before, it gives you a sense of pride, love and comfort knowing you are helping to raise the most amazing little child and doing it in a way that constantly steals your heart and allows your love and care to get deeper and stronger every single day.

None of us wanted to do the parenting classes, we didn’t know how to hold a new born, change a nappy, know which way to wipe, prepare a bottle.

We didn’t know how stressful it would be trying to rock to sleep and 60 minutes into dancing around the room just breaking into tears cause it’s not stopping crying.

The staying awake all night cause it’s fallen of the bed and you are afraid of concussion.

The first cut, bruise or egg on the head we didn’t know how to treat.

The hours helping to google every symptom thinking the worst but realizing it was nothing and quite normal.

But going through all those early day struggles allows you to grow with them.

Grow as a parent, As a father and learn to accept and enjoy the next phase of brother or sister fights, nerf guns to the face. Bike stacks, footy injuries and real conversations.

Real sense of happiness, love, guidance, support and accomplishments.

The first day at school, first sporting match, first sleep over and the first own accomplishment and endeavor they achieve on their own.

There isn’t a great honor or role than being a parent and a father.

Continue to take the learning experiences with the good Dads.

One hell of a ride but the only one that can fill your heart like nothing else.

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