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Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn

Sometimes you win, Sometimes you Learn

Being a father is the most rewarding and most enjoyable time of your life. 
There is absolutely nothing that compares to it. Ever!

There are going to be times throughout your fatherhood that you are going to smash your decision making or task or father duties out of the ball park. You know the right solution, answer or outcome that needs to happen to achieve that task.

Other days you are going to fail, your going to not know the outcome and going to try your best not to completely fuck it all up. 

Its all apart of the experience. Don't feel depleted or down in the dumps. Work out what happened how you can learn from it and how you can implement the right solution next time it comes around.

There is not a rule book for being a father and not one father does everything right or the same way.

As long as your kid is smiling, happy and healthy with a roof over his head and food on the table then you are doing amazing!

Keep crushing it as a father!

Speak tomorrow 


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