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Spark & Rapport

One of the ways that us as parents can find that extra spark and rapport with our children is to be present in every aspect of what they are into.

By showing an interest in their new or existing hobby, By devoting time to that passion, even if it is for just 15 minutes per day and even if we dislike what we are doing.


Lets use Playing video games as an example.

You may hate playing xbox or games on the computer.

But guess who loves it at the moment?

Your children.

Its their current passion, it gives them excitement and fits their needs.

You don’t have to agree with it, you don’t have to get up and about and excited about it. But you do need to show some interest.

Do you know how happy they would be if Dad sat down next to them on the bed and showed some interest, asked questions, had a go at the game and completely got schooled by your kids.

They will go through many phases as they grow up and those phases will change dramatically based on their age and what you are introducing them too.

Video games might last 6 months. It could be 6 years. But if you get angry or upset at everything they want to do just because it doesn’t interest you or you don’t enjoy It then you are the one missing out on bonding time with your children.

What are you doing instead? Probably sitting on your phone seeing what your friends from high school did on the weekend on the socials?

So before you pay of your children’s next hobby or interest to just resort to filling your own hobby or needs try and regain some of the rapport, some of the spark some of that quality bonding time.


Who knows you might actually enjoy it and bash yourself up afterwards for just assuming and thinking you won’t.

Remember 80% of the time we ever spend with our children is over when they turn 18.

How you justify and do that 80% is on you. I’m not the one who will be living with your regret in 20 years time.

Keep crushing fatherhood and keep fighting for every spare minute you can with your children. They deserve it!


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