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Stop giving a F*ck what your friends think

Do you know what I find fascinating that one of the top reasons someone holds back on trying something new, chasing their goals, expressing their opinion is because they are shit scared about what their friends or acquaintances online might write or say about them.

Your friends they don’t think like you.

They don’t have the same goals and aspirations like you.

Their past is not like yours and their future won’t pan out like yours.

So who actually cares what they think, say, write or whisper about you whether it’s good, bad or otherwise.

Chances are they are that caught up in their own insecurities and fears that they probably don’t actually care as much as you think they do. It’s just a theory you have convinced yourself to believe which has compounded into the fear you have today.

- Chase your dreams and start today otherwise in 20 years time the regret will haunt you more than the fears of your mates negativity today.

- Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed in the exact way it is today. Shit happens. Life happens. The only easy day was yesterday legends.

- Be the role model and set an example for the kids. Do you want them to follow someone who is striving for greatness and achieving their dreams or do you want them to follow someone who talks big game but never follows through.

- Clean up your friends/family on socials and in normal life. Chances are it’s the 20% of these people giving you 80% of the fear and doubt.

- Your pre children goals and dreams still matter. Kids shouldn’t stop you from achieving it. It should motivate you to do it more with them alongside.

Keep crushing fatherhood legends.


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