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Stop letting others kill your dreams

Comparing yourself to others, letting outside influence dictate your next move or the feeling of not wanting to do something online because of what your grade 3 school mate might think is slowly crushing your dreams, goals and inspiration.

Not one person in this world is in the exact position you are right now. Their health is different, kids are different, job is different, upbringing different, skill set different and every other thing about them is different.

Your uniqueness is that you are not the same. Nor should you want to be.

Most of you are still sleeping on your goals and dreams from 10 years ago. Usually pre kids.

Business you want to start. The book you want to write. The song you want to sing. The house you want to build. The body you want to be living in.

You think about it daily. You are constantly reminded of it because you are following people who are in a position you want to be in. People living that dream.

You’re comparing your life to the success you want.

You have moments of motivation and going all in only to be discouraged because of a comment by a friend or a random on here.

So you retreat. Dream is lost for a little longer.

Kids confused by what dad wants in life.

He is 10% of his boss this week, 10% of the neighbor next and 10% of best friend the week after.

Go after your goals. Chase the dreams. If you don’t do it now. You will suffer the regret In 10 or 20 years when it’s too late.

If not for you. Do it for your kids. Imagine them being able to watch and imitate you chasing your dreams. Learning from mistakes, adjusting and overcoming any adversity and finally reaching your happy point of success for YOU.

Pretty good trait for the kids to pick up on and imitate that never give up attitude.

Crush the day.

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