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Stop telling your children this

With everything we are doing I literally get to deal with 1000’s of Fathers weekly.

I hear it all, see it all and one of the things that has me constantly amazed is the pressure that some parents have for their children to figure their life out by the time they are 15/18/22.

Even the school system, you have to choose what you want to be at 15 because it’s the subjects you choose in years 10/11/12 that will determine what university or college course you get into which sets up your career.

Let them live and figure it out.

I can literally point to a 100 people right now in there mid 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who still don’t have it figured out.

Hate their job, want a sea change, willing to put up with misery for 3 more years to make long service.

Yes, it’s fucking insane. Willing to put up with 3 years of so called hell in a job they complain about daily, for a 3 month break so what they can go back to that job they hate 🤯

Some kids just like some of us at that age new what we wanted, had it mapped out and we were so passionate and made it happen.

Amazing. Encourage them and let them go hard on that passion or career.

For those kids that don’t know.

Let them figure it out.

It doesn’t matter if they spend from 18-25 traveling the world, trying 10 different jobs. This will give them a far better understanding of the real world and what different opportunities are out there than school, uni, 30 year career in a cubical.

Half the Dads we deal with don’t have it figured out half way through life so don’t be too hard on your 12/15/21 year old who still has no idea, ask yourself are you wanting them to figure it out because they are running out of time? Or is it to impress those fake friends you have been trying to impress?

They have so much time up their hands it’s all good. They will eventually win no matter what age. Just like you did.

Keep inspiring greatness legends.

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