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The F Word

I know that typically during my rants in our Facebook group I throw the F Bomb out quite a bit. I Get so motivated and in the zone it’s quite natural. (Thanks Army Days)


But the F word I am speaking about today is FEAR.


Fear of being a great Father

Fear of chasing your dreams.

Fear of failure.

Fear of being a great role model.


You see it’s quite natural that we are all exposed with some level of fear. Fear can be used in two ways. To scare the shit out of us and stop us from doing things or it can be used to motivate you. As fuel to the fire in what ever it is that you are going after.


I personally like to use fear in the second aspect. Using it as a source of motivation to go hard and try to achieve whatever it is that I am going after at that time.


So how do you teach kids about fear?


In the younger years fear to them is being scared. Using fear as motivation is a lot less impactful and harder to explain and usually end in tears and being more scared to do something. Until they do it once and then you cant stop them.


Fear or being scared in our children is as natural as it is for us. The thing that allows our kids to push through it, to be able to move forward and tackle that thing is constant positive confirmations that it’s going to be ok. That being scared is fine but Dad is here and nothing will happen or go wrong. Constant showing that it can be done and sometimes even giving that little push to make it happen.


It’s also leading by example. It's showing them that we also get scared but we do it anyway. It’s by showing and not telling. If you are not constantly out there trying new things, chasing your dreams and doing things that scare you, then how can you expect your children to do the same?


Learn to tackle Fear straight on. Learn how you can use it too your advantage and learn what triggers work best for you and your kids to not let fear stop you and hinder your quest for action and results.


Enjoy the day.



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