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The one word I have learnt to HATE as a Father.

There is one word I hate more than anything:
Especially when you are regretting things you could be achieving today:
Fast forward 15 years. It’s now year 2034. 
Your kids are just about to if not if not already left home. Adults, got a partner, at college, driving there own car maybe got a kid of their own. 
You are sitting there all alone now there there is no kids left at home. Pondering, thinking about life. Thinking why your in the situation you are now good or bad. 
Thinking what major Amazing things happened in your life to put you in the position. 
You think of the positives and smile about all the good things. 
But then the voice in the head starts chiming in about the regret you have on the negative things. It gets louder and louder until you feel upset. You feel depleted and you wish “what if only” or “if I had my time again I would have done this or that”. 
Guess what?
you do have that time. It’s right now. 
You can write that history in 15 years time right now. Your actions today are going to be your memories then. 
Want it to be fit and healthy in 15 years. Start today. Build a habit and a “Lifestyle”
want to do that dream holiday for the kids? Start planning and saving now. 
Want to build and purchase your your dream house. Work out your approach and make it happen over the coming years. 
Not happy in a a toxic relationship? Either fix it now or leave and ensure you look after your mental health. 
You have control and the ability to act on everything you want to do. Don’t put it off. Don’t throw it too the side. 
Just do it. Create the memories and create a regret free future. 
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