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The reset

Happiest I have ever been. 


Mentally & Physically. 


What happened? 


What changed? 


I took away all expectations of myself. 


All pressures. 


Allowed myself to relax. (Something I don’t do well, mind always racing)


Slept past the alarm more often than not. (Was always like clock work and routine)


Trained the least I have trained in a 30 day period for a long time. Even the month following a surgery or injury I would try train hard still. (1 gym session a week on average. 1 run and 1 fit dad academy workout per week)


External services like physio, chiro or Pilates had Xmas and extended breaks. 


The socials I did what I had to do to keep things ticking over. 


Business wise I went harder than ever. Doubled down and loved every minute. (But always tried to finish around lunchtime so could spend afternoon with family during school holidays)


Played golf. Surfed. Caught up with friends. 


Lived out a very balanced diet. 


Ate well when in my control but also had takeaway, had a few beers and way to much chocolate and didn’t feel guilty. 


Didn’t track a calorie, didn’t even open the garmin app on phone to track any other activity. 


Niggling injuries healed. Mind got to reset, body still stayed in relatively good shape. 


I used to feel like 3 days of nothing I was going to blow out. It would haunt me. It would make me triple down. 


Is it sustainable for the long term?


It sure is, if it is what you’re comfortable with. 


I have never started the new year like this. Much like 90% of the world. New year meant go hard with a crazy strict diet and no fun for 4-8 weeks. Then relax. 


But as your hunger grows. That killer mindset kicks back in and the determination is tested. 


You also know and feel like it’s time to kick things up a notch. 








With school starting back Wednesday there is some time to get back into some structure. 


I am ready. Rested. Mindset sharp. 


Still not going to limit anything or have those pressures. 


But going to tighten the notches a little. 


Do it smarter. Wiser. Long term. Not 30 day shred or 8 week transformation. 


You know within yourself when you need to tighten the belt for a few weeks and when you can afford to or need to have some downtime. 


So now you know why we have been a little quieter in the group. The blog. The emails. The podcasts. 


But this ship is about to sail again and I am ready to take FDL to another level again this year. 


Let’s crush the game legends. 



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