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Train first thing in the morning to get the win!

Can’t find the time to train?

Getting up an hour early might be your best solution.

First we tackle the question about sleep.

Yes you lose an hour of sleep if you keep your same schedule. For some it could be from 8 to 7 hours Others 6 to 5 hours.

But 90% of people in that hour prior to bed are laying there on the phone or watching tv anyway. So going to bed earlier you’re not really missing too much.

Next we tackle the reasoning why.

Gyms are quieter ☑️

This means you can bounce around different equipment and get the session done. 30-40 min is all you need and typically at this time you don’t have large groups training together. PT’s kicking around nor to many taking selfies and sitting on their phone on the equipment between.

Your family is all asleep ☑️

Your not missing out on helping with the kids. Your not taking away from spending precious moments with them and by the time you finish and get home they are just waking up and you can help with morning routine.

First goal of the day done ☑️

You achieve your first goal. No matter what happens with work, kids, sports or life for the rest of the day you have done your session. You feel amazing and nothing can take it away from you like could be the case if you left it too the afternoon.

More alert, energized and happy ☑️

We all know how getting a great workout in feels. The results start to come. You get more confident and guess what training first thing in the am sets you up for success all day.

So dads if your struggling to get that workout in. Get up an hour early. Yep you will hate it for the first week. Then it will become the new lifestyle.

Crush the day.


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