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What is the best fitness for Dads?

What gym program do you recommend?

​Should I do boxing? ​

I only surf should I add in some of your fit dad workouts?

I do crossfit a couple of times a week, but I feel I could be doing more.



If your passion is swimming and you hate lifting weights then me telling you to go to the gym 5 days a week is going to be the worst thing you could do.

Too many people get caught up looking for a quick fix.

Stuck in the comparison game of before and after pictures and thinking that just because X got those results in that magical 8 week transformation that they are going to achieve the same. ​

In an ideal world that's how it works yeh?


Your work is different, life is different, knowledge is different, motivation different, nutrition different, body type different and you get the picture I could go on and on about how you're nothing like that person.

I get it though.

You are feeling shit about yourself, your pants don't fit like they used too, your drinking a few too many beers and not comfortable taking the shirt off anymore and then the transformation you have been waiting for pops up on the socials and you see the promise land of changing 7 years of being lazy and unmotivating and expecting that the 8 weeks is going to drastically improve your life and turn you into a shredded weapon.

You would lose weight, 100%.

Doing something after nothing and limiting your calories whilst training it would happen off your own back without the $600 program.

But you're also potentially setting yourself up for failure.

See the vast majority of people cant sustain a restrictive diet for that long or go from 0 fitness sessions to 3-5 a week for 8 weeks.

You will hate every minute of it, probably do an injury and end up back in the same position anyway.


Easy... What you enjoy. The thing you love the most. If this is surfing, running, boxing, Zumba, gym, karate, CrossFit, F45, walking, hiking, swimming or whatever else you might like.


It's a passion, which means you are more likely to stick with it.

You already have knowledge in doing it. ​

There Is a better chance you will continue doing it if its something that you can eventually introduce your children too and get involved in.


​Because fitness is no longer about getting that max bench or ripped abs.

Sure they are a great by product if that's what you may be after.

But its so you NEVER have to say no to anything your children want to do physically.

It's so you can continue to spend meaningful time with them and keep up as they get bigger, faster and stronger.

It's so you can lead by example, show them the right paths to life and maintaining a strong physical and mental presence. ​

You don't know how much you need that health and fitness until its too late and you wish you did something about it 5 years ago.

That time can be today if you choose. ​

If not, well that's on you and its the regret you will have to live with in 5/10/20 years when its too late.

Keep crushing Fatherhood. Leroy.

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