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What is the worst that can happen?

Those dreams, aspirations. Wants or needs pre kids still matter. 

In fact having kids shouldn’t stop the need or want to achieve them at all. 

It should fuel the fire. Strengthen it and give you more of a push to make it happen. 

What is the worst that can happen for you chasing your dreams?

You fail?

Your year 10 friend on Facebook who you haven’t actually seen in person in 19 years comments something negative?

You lose a little money?

You lose a little time, sleep
or energy?

There is nothing that can be worked through or fixes to ensure you eventually get there. 

Failure can provide an amazing learning curve for you to grow from, understand what went wrong and where it went wrong and adjust, adapt and overcome until it’s a success. 

The keyboard warriors they are their for everyone one of us. But that’s the only place they are. They are not out there achieving anything where it matters. There satisfaction comes from putting others down online. That is their life. But it’s not a personal attack on you they are doing it multiple times a day whether it’s negative or positive. 

You lose a bit or all your money? Well there are plenty of jobs out there and if times are rough for a month or two you will bounce back. You always have. The couple months of struggle will be better than decades of regret later in life. 

Lose a bit of time, energy or lose some sleep. Great news another 168 hours next week to catch up. You use to and potentially still lose time, energy and sleep to 10 different tv series. Nightclubbing or pub with the mates and sitting on the phone flicking for hours upon hours. At least chasing your goals there is a purpose. 

Life is going to throw you hurdles. Challenges and make you feel like giving up. 

It’s those that continue on that have the success. 

1% better each day moving towards your goals. Compound that sh!t. 

Crush the day. 

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