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What is your legacy Dad?

In an ideal world we all live around 100, happy family, a few kids, heaps of grandkids, successful, no regrets and heaps of love all around us.

Sounds great hey?

Well unfortunately we can’t guarantee the ideal world.

From our standpoint we can definitely aim for each of the above.

But life happens.

We don’t know if our time is up tomorrow or we will make it too 100.

We don’t get to make that choice.

That drunk/drug driver texting might be the one who decides that fate?

What we can control is how we wake up and go about each day.

The choices we make when the alarm goes off.

The time we spend on ourself.

Time we spend with our children, our partner, our families.

The lessons we teach, the risks we take, the life we lead.

Every day is a new day to build something bigger than you.

A legacy.

First and foremost a legacy for your children.

How will they remember Dad?

What skills, knowledge or security did Dad leave us?

What memories, abilities or trust did he instill in us?

Life can and does go from 0-100 every single day.

When it’s our day? I hope for everyone reading this in another 50+ years.

But just in case it’s not.

Look after yourself more. Keep fit and healthy. Check in on your mental health, teach, inspire, motivate and encourage your kids. Be present, set a security blanket about your future. Create memories, take vacations. Everything matters.

Keep crushing Fatherhood.

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