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What Success means to me

I used to view success as the big mansion, the fast cars, the holiday homes, the $100 million+ companies and don’t get me wrong that’s the drive, the end game, the final point to where a lot of Fathers want to be if not all at least one of them.

But success now has a different meaning.

Success is keeping fit and healthy so I can continue to do everything with my children and never have to say no to any physical task they want to pursue or try.

Success is being able to provide for them and ensure they have a roof over the head and food on the table each night.

Success is raising well mannered, polite, driven children who have all the positive traits to carry on into their own adulthood and eventually to their own children.

Success is being the inspiration, leader and positive example every single day.

Success is stamping out the negativity online. Not imitating others or comparing yourself daily and finding true happiness in yourself and your own mission.

Success is your kids looking into your eyes and telling you that they love you and thanks for everything you do.

Success can come in many forms. Never stop working on your own success.

Crush the day.

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