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Why do we fear failure?

Why do most of us fear failure?
Failure is one of the things that in turn makes us stronger.
Sure in that moment we feel depleted and degraded.
But nothing ever ends in that moment. The journey of fatherhood and life is always pushing forward.
Failure can be the greatest source of education, motivation and clarification to what is meant to be.
If you don’t fail, you never know. You never can adjust and you can never learn to right your wrongs.
Failure is part of our life and almost every day we fail at something.
But it never stops us completely.
We adapt, we overcome and we keep pushing forward.
No matter the situation.
Failure can be our biggest motivator.
Our biggest source of inspiration.
Our biggest learning curve.
Stop approaching your role as a Dad, your health or fitness journey, your career path and look to the past failures and have that as a reason to stop you from persuing it again.
Look to them and learn from them.
Let the failures point you on the right path.
Let them help you navigate the future.
Failures of the past shouldn’t be your glass half empty mentality.
They should be your glass half full motivational source.
Don’t feer failure. Become stronger from it Dads.
Keep crushing Fatherhood.
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