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Why the rush Dad?

Why do you need it so quick?

What is the rush?

Getting fit and healthy shouldn’t have to be done in the next 8 weeks because you have let yourself go for the last 18 months.

Eat a little cleaner and less junk this week?

Why can’t you start moving and being more active next week?

Start fixing the slab of beer the week after?

It doesn’t have to be cold turkey on the past tomorrow.

Because I have seen it happen far to many times and I have even done it myself in the past.

Go hard as anything for 8 weeks. Then think you have made it. Dropped all this weight and feeling amazing. So you celebrate with a carb filled. Alcohol Fueled holiday and after 1 week you feel like shit again. Undone 3 weeks worth of work and set yourself up to stay on the yo-yo of being strict, binging and so on.

Enjoy the journey.

Start doing things that you can implement into your life for years to come.

Do it because you want your children to be doing the same.

You know just as well as I do they are imitating your every move.

Overweight? Eating crap? Lazy? Indoors all the time? Constantly on technology?

Guess who that flows down too?

And no your mates magic pill pyramid scheme isn’t your answer. He does want you to lose some weight of a liquid diet. But ultimately he wants you to sign up 6 people below you to keep making money from you.

Crush the day.

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