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Why the rush Dad?

Is there a reason that you all of a sudden you need to lose that weight. Change that habit, start that task or push your body to breaking point after being mostly sedentary for years?


I get it, one day there has to be a switch in your mindset that says to you no more. Today is the day. 


But doing it by next week isn’t the answer or the solution?


Losing 5kg in a week, lifting 20% more, running 20% faster in a short time frame is not the solution. 


The mindset needs to shift. 


Small attainable improvements over the long term is where the magic happens. 


You won’t be able to fall into bad habits because you are slowly changing them and reinforcing the good ones into your routine. 


You have something to measure against. 1% better than the day before. Compound it. Make it a lifestyle choice not a bandaid or quick fix. 


This is why you see the same people online or at the gym always on the next 8 week challenge. They go hard for 8 weeks. Nothing out of place. Then they blow out for the next 8. Then bang challenge time we are back to healthy. Holiday time back to blowout. 


Be good 80-90% of the time all year. Enjoy the 10-20% as you please. 


Do something active everyday. Doesn’t have to be gym. Do what makes you happy and something you enjoy. Better odds of sticking to it long term. 


Inspire the kids in the process. 


You see those families are around you everyday. Some you know some you don’t. The parents who are active and look after themself very rarely have obese children. Cause the kids follow in the footsteps. 


The parents you see at the food court stuffing $70 of fast food with 20kg to lose. Unfortunately for the overweight kids sitting right there with them. They haven’t got that positive influence to change habits and until they are at an age to make positive choices for themself they don’t know any better they think this is the normal. 


Be the example. Be the leader. Start small. Go slow. Crush it long term. 



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