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You Have enough time!

Why you have enough time!

The single biggest excuse or worry that Dad’s have when they come to us for coaching and support is “I don’t have enough time”. 

I get it. 

Between fatherhood, work, sleeping, commuting, gym, eating meals, escaping to the toilet, walking the dog, social Media and YouTube those 168 hours a week get eaten up very quickly. 

But even all that above very rarely reaches 168. There is always most definitely time left over. We know this because we have done time management exercises with what must be close to 200 Dad’s. 

“Yeh about 8 hours sleep a night” close to 6. 

“Typically train for 90 minutes” but only working out and sweating for 45 of those. 

“I try to watch Tv every night for an hour before bed” but then jumps on the phone for another hour post that. 

See it’s not the time that you are missing because we Can always workshop that activity or get to the truth of that timeframe and free up stuff. 

It’s your priorities. It’s your schedule. It’s how you allocate every minute. 

It’s about putting yourself and your family first ahead of all the luxury time slots (Netflix, social media’s, 45min flicking on your phone at the gym)

It’s about realizing what goals of yours are important and what to allocate to the top
Of the list. 

What are your Non negotiable’s every single day? What time do you have to set that alarm for to tick that first task off? What time does the phone and tv get shut of at night. 

What is now on the back burner to give more energy to yourself. 

Once you sort out your schedule it’s very easy to understand what your priorities really are. 

Don’t whinge that your working too much and never seeing the kids if you are the one choosing to impress your boss and work 20 extra hours overtime in hope of that promotion. 

Don’t complain you can’t get to the gym or do 15 min a day with a workout from our app because your screen time on your phone tells us you have wasted 16 hours on social
Media this week. 

Don’t tell us your too tired to get up earlier. Because we counteracted that with our new energy formula we released. 

And don’t tell us you’re too busy. Because you’re not. You’re just not motivated. You’re in need of some serious self talking and goal setting to work out what’s important so you can go to work achieving it. 

Crush the day. 

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