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Your Greatest Investment

$233,000 USD is the estimated cost for raising a child until they are 18 years old. 

Thats the price of a house, or two in some areas. 

Times that by how many kids you have and you get the picture. 

Kids are YOUR greatest investment. They are the ones you will teach your life skills and trades.

They are the ones that will take on your legacy.

And they are the ones who will carry forward your name for generations to come. 

Like with all good investments. continual inprovements will do wonders for them. I am not talking monetary. But experiences. Adventures. Studies. Feeling loved and most all of guided down the right path. 

Look after your greatest investment. 

Cause when your 78 years old. They will be the ones looks after you. 

Teach them the right way, but of most importance show them the right way. 

Your children are watching you like a hawk. Imitating everything you do. 

Make your decisions wisely. 

Have an amazing day!

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