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General Questions

I dont train in a gym daily when should I use the Fit Dad Fuel?

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We developed the products with this in mind and we developed them so you can have them as part of your daily routine regardless of if you're into fitness or not.
Ideally have the energy first thing in the morning upon waking, Sip on the hydration through the day and the recovery about 30 min before bed.

Can the Fit Dad Fuel Supplement range be used by women?

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Yes, Women around the country are raving about it after trying there partners but please note its not to be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and as always recommended that you check with your treating doctor for medical advice before using.

What do your flavours taste like?

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A few examples to help you get your head around the tastes and to back up the huge amount of 5 star reviews. Grape is just like Grape Hubba Bubba and is the favourite in the Energy range. In the hydration range lemonade is like you are sucking on a lemonade icy pole and raspberry tastes like red frogs. In the Recovery range chocolate is like you are having the most amazing hot chocolate of your life and the vanilla is like a vanilla ice cream.


When and where is shipping from?

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We are based out of Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

We ship worldwide.

All orders received by 12pm we try to send the same day unless public holiday, weekend or something out of our control.

Now offering Standard and Express Shipping options with Free Standard shipping on all orders over $100 Australia Wide.

All international Orders are sent Standard or Express and options are presented at checkout to what suits you best.

Please be aware we recommend express shipping to avoid potential delays due to global pandemic.

Delayed Package

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All packages are sent within 24 Hours (Same day if before 12pm in most cases) of recieving the order From Noosa Australia. Or next business day if on weekend or Holiday.

Your best course of action is to contact the postal service and state your tracking number you are provided when we express post your order. They will be able to escalate the issue and ideally get a answer for you ASAP. We unfortunately dont have any more ability to get more an answer than you do so to avoid double handling of information we suggest you contacting them first. If you dont get the result or answer then please contact us so we can escalate it further.


Is the Energy a Pre workout?

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The energy can be used as a pre workout or it can be used before a busy day on the tools or at work. Its designed with up to 4 hours slow release energy with no crash and no itchy face or tingles.

What time of day do I take the energy?

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It has 4 hours slow sustained release energy. Most Dads have it upon waking or before a workout and then other Dads who are on the tools have it around lunch to get through the rest of the afternoon. 

Why should I take the energy?

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It tastes absolutely amazing! It has you going for up to 4 hours with NO CRASH and because its full of Nootropics its going to keep you alert, focused and more switched on for work or life as a Dad.

Can I use the Energy on an empty stomach?

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A lot do, us included first thing in the morning. But everyone has different tolerances to different things. So see how it goes for you or you may need a snack prior.


When should I use the Hydration?

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The hydration is your BCAA (Branch chain amino acids) You can use it during or just after a session or even sip on it throughout the day.

Can I have the hydration straight after the energy?

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Yes of course, Typically most Dads have the energy about 30 minutes before a workout then sip on the hydration whilst they are training.


Will it help my sleep?

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Its great for sleep, Packed with magnesium, B6 & Zinc its perfect to help you get a nice deep sleep. Unfortunately we cant help you out with the kids sneaking into the bed and waking you.

When should I take the recovery?

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Recovery is best taken about 30 minutes before bed with a cup or about 300ml of warm milk. Have it in place of your nightly coffee or tea and it also helps cure that sweet tooth with 3 amazing flavours.

Do I have to have It with milk?

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No, a few Dads choose to have it with water and that's fine. We believe it blends better and tastes amazing with warm milk (About a minute in the microwave)


When should I use the protein?

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Post workout, In a smoothie, as part of our amazing protein ball recipe. The choices are endless and both flavours taste amazing.

How often should I have the protein?

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Protein and all supplements are only their as a supplementation to what you are not getting through your nutrition. A lot of Dads have it post workout when they are driving home, as part of a smoothie at breakfast or as a snack throughout the day paired up with some fruit.

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