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My name is Leroy Faure, Founder and head coach of The Fit Dad Lifestyle.
Former Australian Soldier and through over 14 years of training thousands of people from around the world both in Australia and in multiple countries, I have been lucky enough to develop a system that allows you to be an even better Leader, Role Model & Example to your amazing children through a balanced approach to your Health & Fitness (Yes, Physically and Mentally).

When you're in your best shape physically and mentally, you become happier, have better relationships, feel more comfortable, become a role model through your actions and not just your words and you start to build upon those lifestyle changes and positive habits that allow you to create a better legacy for your amazing children.



Because in today's society the constant pressure on Comparison to others is eating you up inside. Clever marketing and unrealistic timeframes to achieve said results puts you behind from the get go. I can give you the same program that has worked for 1000's of Dads. But that doesn't mean it will work for you. Job is different, demands at home are different, your previous experience is different, financial position different, body type or genetics different, supporting partner different, past 10 years of positive or negative habits are different.
If you beat the Dad you were yesterday. YOU WIN.
This is your Journey, Lets make it Unique to YOU, Not a replica of what you perceived to be the dream result.

Every Dad leaves a legacy, every dad is a role model.

The Question is what is the legacy that you're creating?
And are you a role model of health, happiness and self discipline to your family, your friends and those you lead?
Or are you a role model for the Dad that is always stressed, overweight, in poor health and looks 10 years older than you really are?
NO DAD should be fat or out of shape.
Because if he is, then he's a liability to his health, a liability to his family and a poor role model to his kids and even his coworkers.

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Frequently Asked


Need Help Dads? We've got you covered!

Is this coaching just for Dads?

Yes, We specialise and are seen as experts in Coaching Dads. Anyone can give you a health and fitness program. But do they know the struggles that come with sticking to it alongside the demands of Fatherhood, Life, Career, Partner and the list goes on. If you are a Dad and sick of being in the hamster wheel of life. This is your opprtunity to create change.

What is the cost to join?

The price is high end. One on one customised program for Dads who are wanting to make change and stop making excuses and finally achieve those goals you want for yourself and your family. The investment is affordable if you realise the benefits that come from it, not just in the 60 days, but for the decades to come through your positive lifestyle changes and habits.

What if i cant afford it but still want to make change?

We do offer the ability to go with "Pay in 4 providers" like Afterpay. Failing this you can grab one of our stock standard E-Books and work on your own terms to get you your desired results. Please note if you don't have a strong will power to stick to something on your own then it may not be right for you either.

How do i guarantee amazing results in the 60 Days?

By beating yesterday. Simple. 1% improvement. Chances are your last 1/3/5/10 years has not been the best, hence you are here. We will not overturn a decade of bad habits in 60 days. But we will implement positive changes, positive habits and positive lifestyle choices that you can continuously improve upon and get stronger every day.

Do i have 1 on 1 contact?

Yes, you get a call every week and constant access via text through Whatsapp for any questions you have in between calls.

Is this program refundable?

No, The program is Non refundable. It is very front loaded with time and energy from our coaches to get everything set up for you in a way that is tailored to your program.

I have more questions, how do i get in touch?

[email protected] - subject line - Transformation, We will get back in touch with you within 24 hours.

What do you offer post the 60 days if i want to stay on?

For those wanting to continue on after the 60 days we have multiple options and tiers ranging from full 1/1 coaching as you have during the 60 days down to just calls or training and nutrition. It is dependant on your needs and goals and what you are wanting support with as you move forward.

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60 Day Transformation for Dads
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