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What is The Fit Dad Lifestyle?

Fatherhood | Fitness | Success

It’s adventure, It’s fun, It’s exploring, It’s keeping fit, It’s team work, It’s playing outdoors, It’s not taking life to serious, It’s being a role model to your kids, It’s about family, It’s trying new things, It’s about laughter, It’s full of smiles, It’s here to inspire you and your family. 

Its 1% better than the Dad you were yesterday. 

If you can do this. 

You win, Your kids win.

We achieve our goal!

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These are our most popular products in the last week from Dads around the world.
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60 Day Transformation for Dads
384,00 zł
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8 Week Gym Program
78,00 zł
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Dr Hydrate - 30 Serve Jar
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Fit Dad Lifestyle Shirt
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Fit Dad Lifestyle Tank
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Giving Dads Their CONFIDENCE Back.

How We Can Support YOU Dad.

Transform into the best version of yourself with our 8 Week Gym Program for Dads. Get fit and strong with our easy to follow ebook presented in a printable Ebook PDF format. You'll receive it instantly to your email inbox upon purchase, so you can get started reaching your goals right away. Let's get to work Dads.

-Sample Pre and Post workout meals.
-Nutritional education (working out what calories suit you for your goals)
-8 Weeks of Gym Program.
-Easy to follow tracker.
-Ability to print out and have as a physical guide.
-Instant download. Upon purchase you will be sent download link.

78,00 zł
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Fatherhood is Tough
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Competition as a Dad
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