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Own the morning 💪🏽

Own the Morning 💪🏽😎Let's talk about something that can truly transform your life Dads: owning your mornings. As fathe...

Fatherhood is Tough

FATHERHOOD IS TOUGH It’s also the greatest time of your life. Every single day you’re presented with an situati...

Competition as a Dad

Legends. It’s human nature. We see someone successful and we instantly want what they have and start comparing our po...

6 Things as parents we need to teach our kids.

1: We have to teach our children to be accountable for their actions. Good, bad or otherwise. Learning right from wro...

You haven’t even reached half time, how could you have lost?

For the vast majority of us reading this right now we haven’t even reached the half way point of our lives.  20’s, 3...

Stop telling your children this

With everything we are doing I literally get to deal with 1000’s of Fathers weekly. I hear it all, see it all and one...

Stop letting others kill your dreams

Comparing yourself to others, letting outside influence dictate your next move or the feeling of not wanting to do so...
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