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34 Minutes a Day

34 Minutes a Day!!!Studies have come back that the average FATHER spends only 34 Meaningful minutes with there childr...

Own the morning 💪🏽

Own the Morning 💪🏽😎Let's talk about something that can truly transform your life Dads: owning your mornings. As fathe...

Why do we fear failure?

Why do most of us fear failure? Failure is one of the things that in turn makes us stronger. Sure in that momen...

3rd baby?

Having a third child was never on the cards. It was wanted but at the time (or so I thought not realistic)We were tra...

5 Tips for Dads who are struggling with their health and fitness

5 Tips for Dads who are struggling with their health and fitness.   -If you’re struggling with how to start, go for...

“I don’t have time”

EVERYONE HAS TIME. the fact you are reading this right now on a platform that for the vast majority of you has no cor...

Best fitness for dads?

It’s got to be something you enjoy first and foremost.    If you have a passion for it this means that you are more l...
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