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Comfort Levels

I never enjoyed being another number.  School, work, military, sporting clubs.  I always wanted more for my self.  ...

What is the best fitness for Dads?

What gym program do you recommend? ​Should I do boxing? ​ I only surf should I add in some of your fit dad workouts? ...

The power of looking 1 year into the future

In 1 years time I can nearly guarantee that 95% of the things that you are facing today, the stress, anxiety, fear, b...

Don’t forget how bad you wanted what you currently have.

Don’t forget how bad you wanted what you currently have!It’s human nature. We always want more….But at one time and m...

What is the worst that can happen?

Those dreams, aspirations. Wants or needs pre kids still matter. In fact having kids shouldn’t stop the need or want ...
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