How are your kids coping?

The world is going crazy,Riots, pandemics, murders this that and everything else. Parents are working from home, losi...

Dads, Stop trying to impress others!

You can never impress people. Society: You should parent this way. Also Society: No, Kids don’t like when you do that...

2 Years Can change your life Dads

If you look back over the last 2 years have you given absolutely everything to fatherhood, your health, your career, ...

Real Talk for Dads

REAL TALK FOR DADSThere is nothing easy about becoming a Father. In fact it’s Fucking hard, it’s stressful, it brings...

Dad, You're the real superhero

Dad your greatest superpower is that no one else is you. No matter the favorite shows, the sports stars, the posters ...

Dads, The key to finding your happiness

Dads, One of the biggest keys to finding happiness is stop caring what others think or say about you. It’s always tha...

Real Talk for Dads

Going to shoot from the hip with this one and give some real talk. Some facts of life that may be the difference in y...

Dads, There is still 6 months to achieve your 2020 goals!

If 2020 hasn’t gone the way you wanted this far guess what you have 6 more months to rectify it. Then another 12 next...
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